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Who should become Our Partner ?

Wealth Management Firms

Why Partner with IVY Growth Associates: Strengthen your client offerings with access to unique and high-potential investment opportunities.

Key Benefits: Diversify client portfolios, enhance trust, access premium deal flow, and potentially realize higher returns.

Investment Bankers

Why Partner with IVY Growth Associates: Expand your services by connecting clients with promising startups, ensuring long-term growth.

Key Benefits: Attract new clients, elevate your investment options, strengthen client relationships, and explore investment opportunities with potentially higher returns.

Charted Accountants

Why Partner with IVY Growth Associates: Offer holistic financial advice by including startup investments in your service portfolio.

Key Benefits: Diversify your service offerings, attract entrepreneurs, broaden your expertise, and potentially generate higher

Venture Capital Firms

Why Partner with IVY Growth Associates: Gain early access to promising startups and explore investment opportunities.

Key Benefits: Optimize investment strategies, increase deal flow, and leverage our network.

Expand Your Investment Offerings: Diversify your investment offerings with exclusive access to a curated selection of high-potential startups.
Access to Diverse Startups: Gain exposure to a wide range of startups across industries, enabling you to tailor investments to your clients' preferences.
Investment opportunities: Explore investment opportunities with IVY Growth Associates, providing a chance for you and your clients to invest alongside experienced angels.
Exclusive Events: Attend exclusive networking events, pitch sessions, and deep-dive sessions, fostering connections with promising entrepreneurs.
Access Premium Deal Flow: Gain priority access to promising startups, often before they hit the open market.
Innovation Hub: Become part of an innovation hub, staying updated on emerging trends and disruptive technologies in the startup ecosystem.

Why should you become our partner

Unlock unique investment opportunities and strategic advantages by joining forces with IVY Growth Associates.